People and companies who support us

Fortunately, there are companies and individuals who appreciate and want to support our foundation. We received several contributions and would like to thank the following donors for their support:

  • Rene Vogels of TOV Research Bureau. Rene donated the money he received on his birthday to Only Friends Eindhoven, and in addition he donated the cost of renting a bouncy castle during our kick-off on 23 November 2019.
  • Blue Eagle Holding B.V. from Made donated a nice amount in our start-up phase.
  • STRACK Company from Geldrop provided our volunteers with free T-shirts, so that everyone looked sharp at the kick-off.
  • Glance & Vision from Veldhoven provided Only Friends Eindhoven with beautiful banners and a very nice shield with our logo.
  • Milano's from Eindhoven selflessly served delicious coffee and tea to our volunteers and visitors during the kick-off on 23 November 2019.