Welcome to Only Friends Eindhoven!

Only Friends is a sports club especially for children and young people with physical or mental challenges from the Eindhoven region. The great thing about Only Friends is that we ourselves are not restricted. Our slogan is therefore: 

"You are good as you are!"


Only Friends Eindhoven is made possible by volunteers, interns and renowned ambassadors and sponsors (Special Friends). With the efforts of all of them we want to make sports possible for children and young people with disabilities for many years to come! 

Only Friends originated in Amsterdam in the year 2000. Dennis Gebbink is the father of Myron, a sporty boy who was born with a motor handicap. When Myron notices that he no longer feels at home (and welcome) at the 'regular' (able-bodied) football club, Dennis decides to play football with a group of youngsters on a field in Amsterdam. Only Friends was born and now, after hard work, a lot of lobbying and a lot of love and energy, Only Friends Amsterdam consists of a group of more than 800 sporting members, who are active in 28 different sports at the most beautiful sports complex in the Netherlands and wide surroundings.

Following Only Friends Amsterdam, Eindhoven could not stay behind! We started with a completely independent organization, with the same charisma and intentions (and the loving guidance) of Dennis Gebbink and his team. Meet our special club. Interested? Come and have a look or sign up and try out a few sports!

Do you also want to work out at Only Friends Eindhoven? Please use the registration form! If you just want to come and have a look, please contact us.

The sports complex of the International School Eindhoven, home of Only Friends Eindhoven

Only Friends Eindhoven is a sports club for children and young people with disabilities. Whether you have autism, 22Q11, a physical disability or are visually impaired: EVERYONE is welcome at Only Friends Eindhoven, the sports club for children and young people with disabilities from the (wide) region of Eindhoven.

Our name contains the city 'Eindhoven', but that is only because we have our sports location in Eindhoven. Do you live in Heeze, Leende, Valkenswaard, Best, Boxtel, Meierijstad, 's Hertogenbosch or Helmond? Come and have a look and get to know us, we will be happy to welcome you!