Code of conduct for trainers, coaches and supervisors

A trainer, coach or supervisor:

CARE FOR A SAFE ENVIRONMENT. Create an environment and an atmosphere in which social safety is guaranteed and is also experienced as such. Observe the safety standards and requirements.

KNOW AND ACT UPON THE RULES AND GUIDELINES. Make sure you are aware of the rules and guidelines and apply them. Also enable your athletes to learn more about them. For example, by taking them to information sessions on doping, match-fixing or sexual intimidation. Do not improperly interfere in doping control procedures or investigations.

BE CAREFUL AND SINCERE WHEN STATING EXPERIENCE AND POSITIONS. State all relevant facts when appointed as trainer, coach or supervisor.

IS AWARE OF POWER IMBALANCE AND (SOMETIMES) DEPENDENCY AND DOES NOT ABUSE HIS POSITION. Do not use the position to exercise power in an unreasonable or inappropriate manner. Refrain from any form of (power) abuse, emotional abuse, physical transgressive behaviour, including sexual comments, and touching and sexual abuse. All sexual acts, contacts and relationships with minors are inadmissible under any circumstances.

RESPECT THE PRIVATE LIFE OF THE ATHLETE. Do not intrude further into the private life of athletes than is necessary. Respect the athlete and the areas in which the athlete is present, such as the dressing room, shower or hotel room.

Refrain from discriminating, belittling or intimidating remarks and behaviour. Do not discriminate on the basis of religion, belief, political opinion, race, gender, sexual orientation, cultural background, age or other characteristics. Do not exclude anyone and be tolerant.

BE AN EXAMPLE TO OTHERS AND REFRAIN FROM BEHAVIOUR AND REMARKS THAT BRING THE SPORT INTO DISREPUTE. behave in a courteous and respectful manner and refrain from offensive or insulting remarks.

TAKE NO BONDS, GIFTS, SERVICES OR REIMBURSEMENTS to do or refrain from doing anything that is contrary to the integrity of the sport. If you are offered anything to do or refrain from doing, report it to the Board.

DOES NOT OFFER ANY BENEFITS, GIFTS, SERVICES OR REVENUE to do or refrain from doing anything contrary to the integrity of the sport.

ENFORCE RULES AND STANDARDS. Oversee compliance with the Rules, House Rules, this Code of Conduct and other standards.

IS OPEN AND ALERT TO WARNING SIGNALS. Be vigilant and alert to signals and do not hesitate to pass them on to the board, the confidential contact person and/or contact the confidential contact point for sport.

IS CAREFUL: Never make information available that has not yet been made public and can be used to place bets. Do not bet on the sport in which you are involved.