Only Friends Eindhoven has several ambassadors who support the good initiative of our sports club. Our ambassadors commit themselves selflessly to Only Friends Eindhoven and provide additional brand awareness for our beautiful sports club.

Katja Snoeijs is striker of the women of FC Girondins de Bordeaux and international.

Katja spontaneously reported to Only Friends Eindhoven, and indicated that she would like to be an ambassador. Asked for her motivation Katja said:

"Football is for me the best thing there is. I have ambitions and as a player of Girondins de Bordeaux I get the opportunity to realise them. But I realise very well that it is very special that I can and may play football every day. I also realise that it's not something everyone can take for granted. I believe in the role that sport plays in the motoric and social development of children. We are lucky in the Netherlands to be a well-developed sports country with many clubs and a good infrastructure. What I like about Only Friends Eindhoven is that they reach young people who, for various reasons, are not able to participate optimally in sports clubs. Only Friends Eindhoven looks at the individual and everyone has the opportunity and possibility to enjoy sports, in his or her own way and level. I think it is important that everyone in the Netherlands can play sports with pleasure and I would like to dedicate myself to this. I want to do my part by actively expressing my belief in Only Friends and showing commitment. I am available for events, but also to speak to the media or to generate online visibility and PR. "