Giano shows Donyell Malen his skills

None other than PSV striker Donyell Malen visited the training of the PSV Amputation Football Team. In this team, that plays under the enthusiastic guidance of the people of the PSV Foundation, 10-year old Giano also has a role.

Giano was born with a brain injury, and in 2019, to make matters worse, part of his left leg also had to be amputated. Giano is a tough guy, though, and he refuses to resign himself to the notion that he will no longer be able to play football. In fact, Giano just wants, like his peers, to become as good as a professional footballer!

Donyell Malen took a look at the training and Giano showed his skills to Donyell, who was then quite impressed.

Giano shines in beautiful promotional film

What a beautiful video, in which #Giano shines. Donyell Malen, striker of #PSV, visited the training of PSV's amputee football team (PSV Foundation Academy). Giano wants, just like pretty much every kid, to become as good as a professional footballer. It is fantastic to see how Giano enjoys sports, but certainly also the fact that he is appreciated for who he is. Giano is a great example of the #OnlyFriends motto: #GoodAsYouBe. Maureen and Michael can be proud of their star player.

Posted by Only Friends Eindhoven on Tuesday 5 November 2019